Monday, January 18, 2016


Sunday was cold...

I did the normal Sunday chores and then stripped the bed. The bedding went into the washer.

I fried up some of the bologna for brunch.

Sidebar:That's really why I bought it. Somebody had posted a picture of frying bologna on Facebook and I thought, "Huh! Haven't had that in a while..."

I was going to go grocery shopping but when I looked outside it was snowing. Snow and 16 degrees? Do I really need anything that bad??? NO!

So, I stayed inside and putzed. I cleaned some things, read a lot, took a nap and watched some TV.

I fried up a hamburger steak and onions for my dinner.

I turned the TV off and read until 10:00 p.m. when I went to sleep.


  1. Hamburger steak sounds good. Do you put any seasonings in or on it?

  2. Think you should have gone shopping....16 is probably the high for a while

  3. @ Jake: Not usually, just salt and pepper.
    @ GPF: Now you tell me!