Monday, January 25, 2016

Slow Sunday

I was beat on Sunday. So, I did the usual Sunday morning chores, including laundry, but little else.

I had to drop off a prescription at CVS, so I got some milk there. That way I didn't have to go and do the massive grocery shopping at Kroger's.

I did get the truck washed before coming home. I don't have a "good" car wash around here, but at least I got the salt off it.

I left the truck outside to dry in the sun.

Inside, I got the bike key and fired the Big Thumper up. I let it run for a good ten minutes.

I put the battery tender back on the bike and pulled the truck inside. I refilled the feeders out back and then buttoned everything up for the night.

I warmed up Evy's dish for dinner (though I had some shrimp thawing). It was delicious. I was totally thrown by the wrapped pork. I assumed it would be some kind of shredded pork filling. But it was a solid chunk of pork!

I saw my daughter Melissa had called, so I called her back. We talked for a long time (but it's been a while).

I watched "The song of the thin man" on TCM and then went to bed.

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  1. Did you ever find ethanol free gas for the bike?