Saturday, January 23, 2016

Freaky Friday

Sidebar: I know you were expecting "Finally Friday" but I fear I've overworked that one...

It was marginally warmer on Friday, so I wore my jacket to work, I love the look of the pea coat but its heavy as hell. Plus there's something wrong with the pocket angle and, when I get in the truck, all my change falls out. I probably have ten dollars in coins somewhere under my seat... But, its too cold to look.

On the way into work, I stopped at the Looney bakery and got a dozen mixed bagels, a tub of cream cheese and three salt bagels in a separate bag.

Vicky brought me in some dinner from her mother, Evy. She said it was called "pasteles con arrozy gandules." She said it was pork. It looked like a enchilada on top of rice. She also said you had to top it with ketchup. Seriously? Ketchup is a Puerto Rican condiment???


She took me to lunch as well. I don't like that. My Mother always said a gentlemen paid for a lady. But, you try arguing with a Puerto Rican woman!

She wanted a burger, so we went to Red Robin.  She got some kind of burger with avocado (yuck) and I got the Blue Ribbon burger (Yum!)

We argued about the bill but, in the end, I gave in.

Seriously, between her and Carla, I have learned that short brown/black women can be INTENSE!

Back at work, I worked on a research project so the afternoon passed quickly.

Back home, I was working on my grocery list when the house phone rang. I glanced at it (normally I ignore it) and it was my brother Carl. WTF??? So, I picked it up.

Sidebar: DO NOT CALL THE HOUSE PHONE. I only keep it for the robocalls and to have a 911 address. I ignore it and any messages. Call my cell, please.

He offered to call me back on the cell phone after I castigated him. I told him that was stupid
 and we chatted.

I wasn't that hungry, so I watched TV and ate some Goldfish.

My brother Jim called (on the cell phone, thank you) and we talked for a bit.

Then I went to bed.


  1. "Seriously, between her and Carla, I have learned that short brown/black women can be INTENSE!"

    Says a pasty white person! You don't listen unless we're intense!

  2. Don't forget old! You would think Uncle Carl was the younger of the two...

  3. Happy Birthday to the Great[est] Papa Fish in the world. :)

  4. @ Carla: Point taken...
    @ Jake: he is younger at heart than me...
    @ Jyl: Yes, he is...

    1. This post sounds like an old grumpy man. Always complaining for no reason. You should be glad that Carla and I offer to pay for lunch or dinner. your welcome old man.

  5. What is this? Pick on Papa John Day??? Thank you for buying me lunch, young lady :)

  6. Besides, I have spent years working on my grumpy old man shtick. I am rather proud of it...