Sunday, January 3, 2016

Finishing up the Saturday Story

As I left off, I had just gone shopping at Meijer's. I made two more stops (CVS and the corner gas station) and I was done for the day.

Before my get up and go got up and went, I went out back and refilled the feeders. But, what should have been a quick trip turned out to be a long, cold one.

Why? Because "something" (I assumed it was the ice storm I heard about while I was gone) took down a TON of small and large branches. I got the bigger ones moved, but the smaller ones will have to wait until its a tad warmer!

Back inside, I sat in the recliner with my feet elevated, reading a book while drinking a cup of coffee, trying to warm up.

When my legs felt better, I moseyed out to the kitchen to make dinner. I had picked up some thin-sliced deli roast beef, some beef broth and a shallot at Meijer's. I turned that into an old friend, French Dip Sandwiches.

Sidebar: I wouldn't have even thought of them, except they mentioned them on a cooking show down South and Carla said that Jake hates them!?! He says they are too messy! Well, that's the whole point, now, isn't it???

So, I made my au jus and then warmed the roast beef slices in it. I piled them on a bun and poured some au jus into a ramekin, then I ate a delicious (albeit messy) sandwich.

I cleaned that mess up and then went into the bedroom. I watched shows that had taped while Iws gone until 11:00 p.m. I watched the news and then went to bed (Saturday Night Live was a rerun). 


  1. Not messy, mushy. I will not apologize for my textural preference, good sir.

  2. LOL! I accept that, but you don't know what you're missing!