Friday, January 29, 2016

And meet in the middle…

I left for my brother Carl’s house at 8:00 a.m. on Thursday. It usually about an hour’s drive but I got there around 9:10. I dumped the truck in the street.

Sidebar: He always tells me there’s plenty of room in back of his house to park. But, no, no there isn’t. Plus, he usually has one of his grandkids cars back there, sitting and waiting for who knows what.

I used his bathroom, we climbed into his ride and then headed to the Tri-County Center on Garfield. There was no crip parking and the lot was full, so Carl insisted I get out at the door. Then he went and got a spot, to limp in later. Why? He’s the one walking with a cane…

THE PLACE WAS PACKED!!! Seriously packed. I went to the window and gave them my driver’s license and Blue Cross card and tried to find a seat.

When Carl finally got there, he took a seat across and kitty-corner from me, so we had to talk loudly to each other. But, you know Carl. He immediately made friends with all the people close by, so I tried to follow their conversations, while wishing I’d brought a book. 

Finally, they called my name and I went in. But, it was just to verify my medical records. Then I went back outside.

I used their bathroom down the hall…

I admit I was not looking forward to this colonoscopy, but when it was finally my turn, I was more than ready. Anything was better than that waiting room!

Before I undressed, I used the bathroom inside…

The nurse hooked me up to get all my readings and stuck an I.V. in my hand. I told her I was there for a colonoscopy and she said, “Wait! What?” I repeated myself and she said, “No, we have you down for two tests. I better check.” Not wanting to prolong this any further, I said, “Look, my doctor told me to come here. I assumed it was for a colonoscopy, but if there’s another test, so be it. I didn’t freaking ask.”

So, I learned I was not only having a colonoscopy, but also an EGD (Upper Endoscopy for Diagnosing Heartburn and Reflux) – basically a camera stuffed down my throat and another one up my ass.

They finally took me to the real room and I met the doctor (nice guy). They put me to sleep and that was that.

I woke up back in the prep ward (or whatever it’s called). When I had my shit together, another nurse unhooked me and asked me to get dressed. So, I did.

They took me to another room and called Carl in (after I signed a HIPA statement that it was okay if the doctor discussed their finding in front of him – hell, I don’t care).

They found several polyps in the colonoscopy and removed them for testing. But, I never knew anyone who had a colonoscopy where they didn’t find polyps and, since they were all small (2-3 mm) and seemingly benign, I wasn’t worried.

The EGD, though, had a diagnosis of GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease). So, I got a script for some blood work, one for Prilosec and he wanted an abdominal ultrasound. I told him I just had one done in December at Saint Mary’s Mercy in Livonia (when this all started).

So, Carl and I went to his office and waited some more until I could sign the release for my medical records.

We finally left Tri-County after almost five hours! Thanks, Carl, for putting up with that. I owe you one!!!

On the way back home, Carl asked if I was hungry. I told him I really wasn’t. He told me he’d take me anywhere I wanted. I said, “No, I’m good.” Then he said he knew a place where they made good soup. So, I started to get hungry!

We went to downtown Mount Clemens to Chantrell’s Jail House Deli. Interesting place!

They had several soups of the day, but we both got a cup of the scalloped potatoes and ham soup (it sounded interesting). Carl got half a turkey sandwich, while I got half of roast beef (swirled rye bread, spicy mustard and Swiss – no lettuce or tomato). I forgot to mention I can’t have any roughage for a week, so no nuts, whole wheat bread and especially lettuce!

We got it to go and he wouldn’t let me pay. Even short, old pasty white guys can be annoying at checkout!!!

Back at his house, he made some coffee and then we ate out lunch. It was excellent! I gotta find a recipe for that soup!!!

I waited about an hour to make sure the anesthesia had worn off, then I headed home.

I was driving on Groesbeck around 12 Mile when it started to snow and it snowed all the rest of the way home. Fortunately, it was warm, so the snow melted on the roadway.But, it was hard to see...

Once I got home, I retrieved the mail, treated the cat, changed clothes and took a nap.

Sidebar: I completely forgot I was supposed to call Carl to let him know I made it okay. Damn!!!

He called me about 7:00 p.m. and I apologized. I also thanked him again for taking me and his patience. I hope he knows I meant it.

I wanted something bland for dinner, so I made a blue box of mac & cheese. I ate most of it, but saved some for a crazy idea I have.

I didn’t even turn on the TV, but just read until about 9:30 p.m. when I went to bed.

Long day…


  1. I'm glad you got everything taken care of and you are doing well! I hope you have a less shitty weekend! Love you.

  2. "you know Carl. He immediately made friends with all the people close by"

    That's because Uncle Carl rocks.

  3. @ Carla: Thanks, love you too.
    @ Jyl: Yes, he's the nice brother...
    @ GPF: For what? Giving you "greasy" shrimp scampi? No, seriously, thank you. One of the reasons I've have put off this test so long as I couldn't figure out the logistics. You made it easy.

  4. Ugh. And another thing you can't find here is sandwich a soup. I guess it's a heat thing.