Sunday, December 27, 2015

Willin’ but Chillin’

I woke up early on Saturday morning. That mystical, magical, monumental, “once in 17 years!” full moon was now just an annoyance, forcing its way through the mini-blinds and waking me up!

As we said in the Seminary, “sic etiam pergit!”

Sidebar: If you aren’t studying to be a priest and in your third year of Latin, it means, “and so it goes…” It’s like a Catholic equivalent of “it was a good day, didn’t have to use my AK” without the hood reference…

Sidebar #2: CTFU!!!

So, I snuck downstairs and made a cup of coffee. Then I went back upstairs and attempted to sneak to the computer. The wood floors and exercise mat I can transverse silently in my rehab socks made sucking sounds with my bare feet, Jacob told me later.

But, I got the Blog entry done and posted before anyone showed up.

We all slowing emerged from our various night events and ended up cleaned and dressed just after 8:00 a.m. Then we headed out into dense fog for a Kroger run.

Sidebar: We were shopping for Sunday’s dinner, BTW.

Saturday night dinner? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

So, on the way home, we stopped at Popeye’s and got 12 pieces of spicy chicken, red beans and rice, coleslaw, biscuits, and a large order of Cajun fries (for the lady).

Back home, we all changed into causal clothes (shorts and a t-shirt, in my case). The sun finally came out and it did hit 77 degrees, BTW.

Still working on that tan, BTW.

For lunch, we all ate whatever we wanted. Carla ate the Popeye’s, Jake abstained and I ate the last of the Beef Wellington and parsnip puree.

Sidebar: Sure, the Popeye’s smelled delicious, but how many times in a person’s life can they say, “Oh, I just warmed up some leftover Beef Wellington and parsnip puree and ate that for lunch?”

I rest my case.

We spent some time playing “Cards against Humanity” while listening to Christmas music. Then we watched some taped TV shows.

We all ate at various times when we felt hungry (we were chilling, remember?) Personally, I had a chicken leg, coleslaw and a biscuit and it was excellent.

In retrospect, I should have had the red beans and rice as well, but I forgot it at the time.

After the dinner hours (they varied) we watched a Western movie with Kurt Russell called “Bone Tomahawk.” It was good, but very violent.

Carla had a bad headache, so she turned in early. Jake and I watched a documentary titled "Unbranded" about wild mustangs out West, the BLM efforts to save them and some cowboys using them to ride from then Mexican border all the way to Canada. It was magnificent, but depressing...  Then I went to bed. God only knows what he watched afterwards…

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