Wednesday, December 2, 2015


It was back to work on Tuesday (groan). I took the damaged trashcan out to the road along with one small garbage bag I managed to scrounge up. It was cold and drizzling. It stayed that way all damn day!

I got there about 7:30 a.m. and Courtney had already come and gone. Her youngest was throwing up. Poor kid.

I went to the Newburgh Grille and had a cup of the bean and ham soup and a patty melt for lunch.

I chatted for a bit in the afternoon with Vicky. Sounds like she had a GREAT Thanksgiving as well. She said it looked from the pictures that we (Jake, Carla and I) made some great food for Thanksgiving dinner. I explained that it was those two who made everything. I didn’t get to do a damn thing until the stuffed peppers.

She was very curious about the sweet potato cheese cake. I told her it was a Carla creation and it was excellent!

Back at home, after driving through more drizzle, I was beat. I watched the news until it ended, then I heated up the last of the broccoli soup for my dinner.

I started watching the hockey game. When I dozed off, we were leading 1-0. When I woke up for a bathroom break, we were 3-4! But we managed to tie it up and then win in overtime. I said “Yay!” and then went to bed.


  1. Going back to work after vacation is never fun! We had a blast and thanks for visiting! Love you!

  2. Thanks for having me! Love you too.