Friday, December 18, 2015

Thursday's Christmas Story

It was windy, cold and overcast on Thursday. It felt like snow. Now, this is the kind of Michigan December I know and hate, LOL!

I went to Max & Erma’s for lunch. I got a cup of the tortilla soup to warm up and then the Southern Fried Chicken salad (lunch portion) with warm honey mustard dressing.

NVH (who occupy most of my building) had their potluck Christmas lunch today, so there was food everywhere. I took a huge cookie for an afternoon snack. It was delicious, but I could barely finish it.

Back at home after work, I replaced the light over the kitchen sink (it burnt out sometime in the night). I had to get a ladder and it has been so long since I last replaced it that it was quite difficult to get the glass globe off. But, I got ‘er done!

Then I put out my inside Christmas decorations.

I hope to finish the pallet tree for the outside this weekend.

I had thawed out the last of that meatloaf I made. So, I ate a chink of it along with a russet potato “baked” in the microwave for my dinner.

I watched a taped TV show and then went to bed by 9:00 p.m.


  1. Very festive! Don't forget. You didn't make a potato in the microwave. Your personal chef, Chef Mic, made it for you.

  2. Very Nice John....where are your Hannuak candles?

  3. @ Jake: I forgot! Next time for sure!
    @ GPF: Germans aren't allowed to light Hanukkah candles! In fact, we can't even spell it right, as you have just proven.

  4. Chanukah is done for 2015, but you’re always welcome to borrow our menorah, John. While you’re at it, I highly recommend homemade rugalach (they’re delicious).

  5. @ Jyl: Thanks! I'll remember that.