Friday, December 4, 2015


It was overcast again, but a little warmer on Thursday.

My boss had a lunch meeting and bought Jimmy Johns for the participants. While she was at it, she also bought lunch for us. So, I ate lunch at work (#4 Turkey with cheese and a pickle).

Vicky brought me in my dinner: Chicken and rice with beans on the side. The beans had potatoes in them!

The NVH folks came and got me in the afternoon. There was a Ford guy out front who wanted to know where I got my hitch thing. So, I went outside and talked to him. He was about my age and definitely got it. I told him to check on Amazon.

I went home and was almost about to getting on I-96 when I realized I had left my dinner in the IT fridge. Damn!

So, I turned around and went back to get it. I waved at Fred who was just pulling out on Levan.

I finally got home and treated the cat. I noticed the security light next to the garage man door was out. So, I went out into the gathering gloom and replaced it.

I changed clothes and then got started on tomorrow’s pot luck at work. I have been forced by popular demand to make mac & cheese.

Sidebar: I took Carla’s advice and used the food processor to shred the block cheese.  She said it’s not only cheaper but it melts better.

I made two (two!) helping of the 20-minute mac & cheese. I put each in the slow cooker. Then I put a mixture of plain bread crumbs and olive oil on top. I stuck the slow cooker crock into the oven and turned it on broil.

Sidebar: I was a little concerned that the crock could take the heat of the broiler, but it worked.

I watched it like a hawk, but the damn breadcrumbs still burnt.

I thought about scraping them off, but that would have made the top look like shit. I ended up using the wand on the vacuum cleaner and sucking off the burnt bread crumbs. Ctfu!!!

I warmed up my dinner. In spite of my trepidation of mixing potatoes in beans, it was fncking fantastic.

My kitchen was a total mess, but I was tired. So, I skipped cleanup (sorry, Jake) and went to bed.


  1. You sucked the burnt crumbs off the top....L O L
    (but a good idea!)

  2. That's one way to ensure you won't have to make it any more...

  3. @ GPF: Hey, it worked!
    @Jake: I didn't touch the wand to the mac & cheese. Just hovered above it.