Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Tuesday Tale

I ate more of my oatmeal for breakfast. Then I took my new garbage can and a cardboard box out to the road before I left for work on Tuesday.

Sidebar: I screwed up. There were two similar trashcans for sale. One was black and one was blue. The black one was $10.00 more, so I bought the blue one (who cares, right?) But then I learned the blue one was for recycled stuff. Now, I was worried.

But, not too much. We don’t do curb recycling in Redford. Sure, there’s a dump “somewhere” you can take your recyclables to, but I never quite understood where. And, let’s face it, in the few years I have left, I ain’t gonna save the planet. I feel bad about global warming, the seals, polar bears and Eskimos, but that’s my kids and grandkids problem. I’ll be dead before it matters…

So, I am hoping the garbage men understand my faux pas and throw away my trash…

I spotted a likely pallet at work and asked if the mechanics were going to keep it. They said no, so I loaded it in the truck.

I went to Ten Yen for lunch and got the Chicken Sub Gum. Then I went to the new location for Bed, Bath & Beyond and bought myself a new terry cloth robe.

Sidebar: It’s weird, but you can only buy a terry cloth bathrobe in the winter and my t-shirts and shorts in the summer. I missed this years t-shirts and shorts buy, so now I look a bit tacky...

Back home after work, I was happy to see my “recyclable” bin was empty. I took it and the mail inside and closed the garage door. I unloaded the pallet, treated the cat and changed clothes.

I recreated y Sunday supper of mashed potatoes, turkey slices and gravy. But, I substituted broccoli florets instead of the corn for the veg.

I watched some TV, but fell asleep before the end of NCIS.


  1. That's something different for you Dad for lunch. How was it?

  2. No, I try to go there about every week or so. It was great...