Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Monday, Monday...

I woke up late on Monday and almost missed Jake leaving for work.

Carla and I spent the day watching cooking shows or sitting outside in the 75+ degree day. Just generally chilling.

I heard they were having an ice storm up in Michigan, so I sent a text to Vicky, reminding her that four-wheel drive doesn't mean shit on ice.

I warmed up a piece of Popeye's chicken and a couple of biscuits for my lunch.

Now, the plan was this night's dinner was going to be leftovers. But, at some point, Jake changed his mind and he stopped and got Chinese takeout.

Sidebar: Jake and Carla are right! I cannot explain this, but South Carolina Chinese food does not taste like Michigan Chinese food. It's not bad, per se, just different. Maybe they use different spices. I dunno...

I had Won Ton soup, and egg roll and some pork fried rice. Again, not "bad," just not right.

Everybody ate and then we relaxed, watching a variety of taped shows until an early bedtime.

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