Saturday, December 19, 2015

Friday Flurries

It was definitely colder on Friday morning! It was exactly 32 degrees when I left the house for work.

The scattered snow showers started around 10:30 a.m.

Victoria wanted to go to Buddy’s for lunch and get a salad. But when we got there, the entire parking lot was full. Seriously, there was not a parking space left. Upon reflection, I’d guess it was employee Christmas parties.

I mentioned that Max & Erma’s had good salads, so we drove across town and went there. We both got a cup of the tortilla soup to warm up. She got the spinach and grilled tomato salad (fresh spinach, topped with mushrooms, crisp smoked bacon, hard-boiled egg, a grilled chicken breast and grilled Roma tomatoes, finished with candied pecans and bleu cheese. It comes with warm bacon dressing, but she opted for balsamic vinaigrette.  

I got the Southern Fried chicken salad for the second day in a row…

When we got back to work, we transferred Yanessa’s presents from my truck to hers.

The snow got noticeably harder at times in the afternoon, sticking on the grass and the tops of vehicles, but melting on the pavement.

So, the drive home was wet, but not slippery.

After I treated Caley and changed clothes, I got busy. I started a load of laundry and got the dishwasher going.

I ran some white vinegar in the humidifier to clean it. Since I had it out anyway, I ran a tankful through the Keurig. Then I ran two tankfuls of pure water through it to rinse it out completely. I don’t take cream, sugar or vinegar in my coffee!

Note: This is not hard, just time consuming.

By then it was getting late, so I made my dinner. I had a box of sliced mushrooms I had planned on using for my beef stew. Since that project was abandoned for now, I needed to use them or lose them. I sautéed them in butter and used them as a side dish for the last of the meatloaf and another “baked” potato (prepared by Chef Mic).

I watched a taped TV show and then switched to the Red Wing game. I fell asleep before it finished in overtime, but I later learned we lost.


  1. No pictures of the winter wonderland?

    1. No winter wonderland for me....not even a flurry

  2. Southern Fried chicken salad makes ya good looking!

  3. @ Jake: No, I was running late when I left and the effect had deteriorated by the sun and wind when I got back. Sorry.
    @ GPF: Really? There goes your only chance for a white Christmas. Just heard on the news that this December is in the top five LEAST snowy December's ever.
    @ Carla: I hope so, but its boring two days in a row.