Saturday, December 5, 2015

Finally Friday

So, I put the slow cooker on the floor of the passenger’s set and drove to work. Some yahoo in front of me made an abrupt stop and some of the mac & cheese slopped over. Thank goodness I bought those Weather-tech mats!

Around 10:00 a.m., I drove Courtney to pick up the chicken for our meeting. We bought it at Lee’s Famous Chicken Recipe in Plymouth. (NVH bought it last year and it was excellent chicken, BTW.)

We took it back to the museum and people started bringing in their dishes. I went back to my building and got the mac and cheese. Luigi’s delivered Janet’s lasagna and we were all set (I thought).

Then the meeting started. And the VP of IT (that’s fun to say) and his guest speaker (a finance guy) talked for over an hour!!!

We finally lined up to chow down. So, we ate cold chicken and lukewarm lasagna (sigh). All but four cups of the double batch of the mac & cheese were gone.

Everyone said how great the mac & cheese was. Only one person, Don C. (our resident mac & cheese aficionado) notice it was different. His only comment was, ”This doesn’t taste like your usual stuff!” I told him I changed the recipe slightly and let it go at that.

I had a little bit of everything, but I still ate too much. So, there was no room for dessert. And, I wanted some of Vicky’s Tres Leche cake. But, it was not to be...

We all hauled the food back to Building 3, set it up on tables in the hallway and treated the mechanics and engineers there to a second lunch.

I sent the rest of the mac & cheese home with Vicky. I took home some coleslaw, a unopened loaf of Ciabatta bread and my dirty slow cooker.

I was tired, so I left the slow cooker insert to soak overnight. I ate the coleslaw for dinner, watching the news. I watched a couple of taped shows and then went to bed at 9:00 p.m.

Or, I thought I did. Margaret (my massage therapist) sent me a text that woke me up around 10:00 p.m. Seems both her and her father are sick, so she asked if we could reschedule tomorrow’s massage to next Saturday. I said sure.

I was just falling asleep again when I got another text from Margaret. She said she was bummed because she really wanted to show me her kitchen cabinet doors.

Sidebar: We have had several discussions on possible ways to remodel them inexpensively.

So, she sent me a photo.

I told her they looked great (they did) and congratulations. Then I went back to bed for real.


  1. I hope you enjoyed the party even though it was long!

  2. Just ask Jake how much fun these work potlucks can be!

  3. Never heard/had Lee's. Is it baked/fried?

  4. Fried. It's famous in the Midwest. Closest to you would be North Carolina... Sorry...