Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Tasty Tuesday

It was cold again on Tuesday when I took the trash out to the road. It started snowing again around 10:00 a.m. and was sometimes heavy. But, none of it stuck, so it must be just above freezing.

I went to Big Boy for lunch. I got my favorite waitress and my favorite meal, veal Parmesan.

Jyl sent an update on Joe. He is still getting tests.

Back home after work, I went to get the trashcan and found the garbage man broke the wheel! Dammit!!!

I got two more updates on Joe from Jyl. Still sounds serious, but it looks like they are getting a handle on it. The doctor wants Joe to have an MRI at University Of Michigan in Ann Arbor first before he declares a diagnosis.

I made fried eggplant for my dinner. It was delicious!!!

I watched NCIS and then went to bed, letting NCIS New Orleans tape.


  1. How do you do the eggplant? Floor/egg/breadcrumbs and just fry??
    What do you serve it with?

  2. Not quite. I do as my Mother did and use flour/egg/flour. You can serve it as a side or as the main entree with, say spaghetti as the side. It's delicious!!!