Monday, November 23, 2015


I woke up early again on Sunday. Unfortunately, it was before the programmable thermostat had kicked back up. So, I overrode it, wrapped a throw around my bare legs, grabbed a cup of coffee and started writing out the Blog post.

I made two over easy eggs and ate them with two more slices of spam for breakfast.

I got cleaned up and dressed. Then I went out back to check on the damage. It was actually five branches that had come down, two big ones and three smaller ones. I’m guessing it was the big ones that broke from the weight of the snow and they took out the small ones on their way down.

I dragged each of the big ones (with great difficulty – they were BIG) over to the fence. I got the heavy end up on my fence and, using that as a fulcrum, managed to tip them over. The smaller ones were easier, by comparison.

Carl, this is how much snow I ended up with!

I checked out front and found one branch from the dead maple in the drive. That went onto the pile under the tree.

They had plowed my street sometime overnight, so I had a barrier of snow across the driveway as well.

I forgot to go to PetSmart on Saturday. I wanted to try and pick up a smaller automatic waterer. The one I had held five gallons and was too heavy for me to pick up when full. I threw it in the trash a while ago.

So, I put the truck into four-wheel drive and backed out, easily crunching through the snow barrier.

They had plowed the streets, but not salted. So, the remaining snow had frozen overnight and driving was dicey.

When I got there, the damn store was still closed! It apparently opens at 10:00 a.m. on Sundays and it was only 9:30.

So, instead of waiting, I took a chance and went to Meijer’s. I lucked out! They had a 1.5 gallon automatic waterer, so I bought it. Slipping and sliding, I headed back home.

I washed the waterer and then filled it up. I set it downstairs to let Caley get used to it.

I watched the rest of the Sunday morning news shows until noon and then switched to the DIY channel.

I watched (or rather listened) to that while I cleaned the house. I got some of the Welsh white cheddar cheese I bought yesterday and some Carr’s water table crackers and put them on a tray in the bedroom with a knife.

When I got the kitchen floor and downstairs bathroom washed, and was effectively blocked in, I ate the cheese and crackers for lunch, watching TV.

Sidebar: I have used saltine crackers, Ritz crackers and Triscuits with various cheeses. But, I noticed the crackers can sometimes overpower the cheese. The Carr’s crackers provide a nice crunch, but are so bland the cheese really come through.

I took a brief nap afterwards.

I phone call from B___ woke me up. We discussed the snow and Holiday plans.

Then I started my Sunday supper. I had thawed out a pork chop I had fried up a while ago. So, all that remained was to make the mac and cheese.

I saw this recipe of Facebook and wanted to try it. My usual recipe is excellent, but takes too long and this one is supposed to take only 20 minutes.

I started by boiling water and salt in my pasta pot.

Meanwhile, I used my 12-inch skillet to melt six tablespoons of butter. To that, I whisked in six tablespoons of flour.

Sidebar: I thought at the time that was overkill for a roux, but I am following the recipe faithfully.

While that cooked, I warmed up a quart of milk in the microwave.  I slowly added the warm milk to the skillet, whisking all the while.

When it was all incorporated, I took the skillet off the heat and stirred in 8-ounces of shredded extra sharp cheddar cheese and 8-ounces of shredded Monteray Jack. I added some black pepper and a splash of hot sauce to that and stirred it all together.

I mixed 1 1/2 cups of Panko bread crumbs with two tablespoons of olive oil.

I drained the pasta and added it to the skillet. After mixing it thoroughly, I topped it with the bread crumb mix and stuck it under the broiler for a minute or two until it started to brown. 

I pulled it out and let it rest while I warmed up the pork chop and some sweet corn. Then I plated my dish.

The pork chop and sweet corn were excellent. And the texture on the mac and cheese was good. But there was a slight flour taste to the sauce that I didn’t like (I knew that was took much butter and flour!) The hot sauce wasn’t that noticeable, but it did kick it up a notch.

I think I can tweak this one!!!

I cleaned up the minor mess and then went in to watch the National Geographic channel, waiting for a show I wanted to watch, “Saints and Strangers.” It is a two part series about the Pilgrims.

I shut it off at 11:00 p.m. and went to bed.


  1. Sill question....I haven't had SPAM since I left 24 mile....what do you do...fry it?
    Is it really that good?
    we only had a couple of inches of shnow...anything on the drive melted really fast. sorry about your tree

  2. LOL! Yes, you usually fry it. Although I've heard of people decking it out like a mini ham (studded with cloves, pineapple and cherries) and baking it. Hawaiians love it..And, inc case your wondering, do you remember that gelatin goop that was in the old cans? That's gone. It's just a solid chunk of meat that can stay forever in your pantry until you need or want it.

    It's time to respect the Spam, man!!!

  3. @ GPF: You were lucky with the snow totals.