Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sunday, resting up…

I only woke up twice during the night and then slept in until almost 7:00 a.m.! I posted the Blog entry (I had written most of it in stages on Saturday). I took my pills, drank two glasses of water and then responded to a text from my daughter, Melissa. She wanted to know what was going on, as I didn’t call her back on Saturday. I explained it wasn’t the flu (like she thought). When we were done, I went back to bed for a bit.

Now, I had spent Saturday evening thinking about everything I would do today to make up for my hospital stay. I was going to go to the Feed Store for bird seed and suet, Costco for peanuts (for the squirrels) and then to Kroger’s.

Sidebar: I didn’t really “need” anything at Kroger's, but I had decided what I really wanted for my Sunday supper was a beef roast in the slow cooker. I thought the roast beef, carrots, potatoes and onion, along with some good gravy, might give me my strength back!

But, I was whipped. I did scramble some eggs for my breakfast, adding salt and pepper with some chives and buttered my toast (dammit!) But, in spite of feeling dirty (I just had the usual hospital sponge bath on Saturday), it was almost 11:00 a.m. before I felt like shaving and showering.

I was going to put on my “going to town” clothes, but gave up on the whole idea. I put on my “staying at home" shorts and tee-shirt, made another cup of coffee and sat in the living room recliner, with a throw and a cat on my lap, reading a magazine that had come in the mail.

After a bit, I sent a text to Vicky, letting her know I was doing okay (she worries). She was cleaning out yet another house and urged me just to eat, drink water and rest. Good advice!

Then I went and inspected the fridge and freezer. I settled on a two-pound package of ground chuck for an old-fashioned meatloaf with baked potatoes for dinner. So, I took it out to thaw.

In honor of Veteran’s Day, I started watching a special called “Inside the Vietnam War” on the History Channel (from 12:00 to 3:30 p.m.) I kept stopping when I felt good enough to do some of the prep work for the meat loaf.

Sidebar: I used up all my prep bowls! Who knew a plain old meatloaf needed that many ingredients?

But, by the time the show ended, I had the following:
·         The  two pounds of ground chuck (thawing)
·         - One cup of ketchup
·         - Two tablespoons of brown sugar
·         - One fine-diced shallot
·         - Two teaspoons of Kosher salt
·         - One half cup of medium diced red onion
·         - Two tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce
·         - One half cup of old-fashioned rolled oats
·         - One egg
·         - Two teaspoons of fresh thyme (if you using dried, make it one – dried herbs are more powerful)
·         - One half teaspoon of fresh cracked black pepper
·         - One half cup of fresh grated carrot

Sidebar: We could debate the carrots, but I like carrots in my meatloaf.

I was tired again, so I went in and started watching the Red Wings game. I dozed off a bit, but never really took a nap.

When the second intermission came, I went out to the kitchen. I mixed all the ingredients, except for half of the ketchup and the brown sugar (this will make the glaze) with my hands (the best way).

I preheated my oven for 350 degrees (F.). There will be a problem with cook times. I usually bake my potatoes for an hour at 400 degrees. So, I pre-cooked them for four minutes in the microwave after poking them with a fork. Then I took them out and let them cool.

I lined my casserole dish with parchment paper (strictly for easier clean-up). I formed the mixture into a loaf and set it inside. I mixed the remaining ketchup with the brown sugar and brushed it on top.

I oiled the two potatoes with canola oil and then covered them with Kosher salt and fresh cracked black pepper. I put them on a quarter sheet pan with a rack.

I filled my 9x9 Pyrex pan half way with water (this is supposed to keep the meatloaf top from cracking).

Then I put the potatoes on one side of the top rack and the meatloaf on the other. I put the Pyrex dish under the meatloaf on the second rack and the third rack held a half sheet pan I keep in there for overflows or splashing (I hate cleaning the oven).

I set the timer for an hour and went back to watch the hockey game. Red Wings lost (decisively!) Dammit!!!

I hand-washed all my little prep dishes and let them air-dry. They bounce around in the dishwasher and end up filled with water.

The timer went off, so I pulled the meatloaf to let it rest. The potatoes baked on. After a bit, I steamed some frozen corn in the microwave. Then I took out the baked potatoes.

I tried to take the meatloaf out with two spatulas and put it on a platter, but it was too moist and broke up. Hmmm… must have been the added carrots!

But, I plated it, added butter, sour cream and fresh snipped hives to the potato and ate a great Sunday supper!

Sidebar: I couldn’t finish everything on the plate, though. I think my stomach shrunk.

I went and watched “Reacher” with Tom Cruise on FX. I’m a big fan of the books and Jake and Carla introduced me to the movie when it first came out. When things in the kitchen cooled down, I put the leftovers away.

The movie got over at 10:00 p.m., so I went and filled in the Blog. I have to get up to the alarm on Monday and don’t want to be late, so I posted it tonight.


  1. Dinner looks good. Smart to take it easy.

  2. Welcome back...veryt nice blog...dinner did look great but i never heard of carrots in a meatloaf..... what does it do? Keep it extra moist? It does sound good, and i will try it~

  3. @ Jake: Thanks!
    @ GPF: Apparently a little too moist. Use less carrots than I id when you do, LOL!