Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Monday was chilly in the morning, but it turned out to be a beautiful day, with sunny skies and a high of 65 degrees!

I ate a slice of that nut bread for breakfast. I had to laugh. I guess I thought they were all date and nut when I grabbed one. It turned out to be banana nut, but it was still good!

I went to the Feed Store for lunch and bought a 40# bag of “Michigan Mix” bird seed. Then I stopped into Westborn and got a container of chicken noodle soup. I was tempted by both their split pea with ham and the clam chowder, but stuck to my original idea. I took it back to work and ate at my desk.

Evy had sent me some enchiladas with rice and a tinfoil packet of cheese to sprinkle on top after I heat them up! So, Monday night dinner was taken care of (no roast beef leftovers today!)

As I said, it was a beautiful day but sadly, by the time I got home, it was getting dark… So, other than my two walks and lunch, the last, best fall day of the year passed unnoticed. Sigh…

I carried the bird seed out back.

I changed clothes and then cleaned out the fridge for garbage day tomorrow. Next, I warmed up my dinner. It was excellent, as always. That woman can cook!

I called my friend, B___, and we caught each other up. It’s been a while, so it took a while.

Then I went and watched the hockey game. The Red Wings won, 4-3 in overtime. I went to bed happy!


  1. how much is a 40# bag in Redford? I paid $12 in Armada at the grainery

  2. LOL, I guess I should drive to Armada. Since we don't have any grain mills around here, I pay $21.00 a bag! And, that's the cheapest I can find.