Thursday, November 19, 2015

Hump Day

It was still warm on the way into work, but overcast and windy. It sprinkled a little around 9:00 a.m., but I got my walk in outside at 10:00.

Then it started to rain in earnest.

I wanted some fish and chips for lunch, so I went to Time Out. I was mobbed by Cassie the new bartender and Nancy the waitress. I didn’t realize it had been that long since I’d been there, but they were worried that something happened to me.

I asked Cassie (who used to be a waitress) what happened to Heather (the old bartender). She said that Heather needed more money and better benefits (she’s a single Mom – I’ve seen her baby’s pictures) so she gave up waitressing and got a full time job at a Target somewhere. Cassie said that Dan (the owner) offered her the bartending job, so she took it.

I got my fish and chips. Dan came over and sat down and talked through my lunch. I finally finished, went to the restroom and then drove through the rain back to work.

I checked Google maps and Plymouth road was really slow, so I reluctantly took the expressway home (I don’t like driving the expressway when it’s raining). We never got above 60 mph and nobody did anything too crazy, so it was okay.

I changed clothes and started the Wednesday wash. I was going to go back to painting, but I was tired. So, I watched the news instead.

I made one of my favorite quick meals for dinner. I boiled some Buitoni Mushroom Agnolotti (its fresh pasta, sort of like ravioli) and heated up a jar of Bertolli Alfredo Sauce. I drained the agnolotti, mixed in the Alfredo sauce and topped that with grated Parmesan cheese. Excellent!

I had a slice of zucchini bread that Evy sent me for dessert. It was delicious, as well.

I watched the Red Wings play. Unfortunately, we lost in overtime, but it was a great game! Then I went to bed.

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