Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Tuesday's Tale

It was warmer still on Tuesday when I took the trash out. I think its Michigan’s Indian Summer.

I had something to do at lunch, so I couldn’t go eat. I stopped at McDonald’s and got their quarter pounder with cheese meal. The burger was just warm, but the fries were good.

Once home from work, and after retrieving the trashcan and the mail, I changed clothes. I went out back and started cutting off the dead and dying plants. I worked my way up to the front, but had to stop when it started raining.

I ate the last (thank God) of the shrimp scampi for dinner. Then I watched my NCIS shows. But I dozed off before the end of NCIS New Orleans.


  1. Speaking of shows, I know your Mountain Man was deleted from the cable box. You should still be able to check them out on your on demand, if you're interested.

  2. I will remember that! Thanks!!!

  3. Tsk. If you're going fast food burger up there you have to be going BK. eh... but not for fries. So, stop in at one and then the other.