Friday, October 2, 2015

Thursday’s Tale

I woke up to the alarm on Thursday, thank God. It was chilly and windy again, so I wore a long sleeve shirt. It didn’t help. I really am going to have to start wearing my jacket!

I walked outside again, but it was more like race-walking to keep warm.

I went to Big Boy and got the veal Parmesan. Then I went next door to Busch’s Supermarket and got some sandwich fixing for tonight. I’m tired of leftovers!

When I pulled in the driveway after work, I heard the familiar popping of black walnuts under my truck tires. Dammit!

I watched the news for a while, then went out to see what the winds blew down today.

But there is still a ton of them on the tree, so I just left them for tonight.

Back inside, I preheated the oven to 425 degrees for the oven fries. It also helped to warm up, LOL!

Then I got out my large and medium size cast iron frying pan. I sliced up a tomato a ripped off some lettuce leaves.

Jake had asked what was in a Slim Jim, so I thought I would try and duplicate it. The only tricky part is the Big Boy secret sauce. You can buy it, but most of the copycat recipes suggested either Thousand Island dressing or sandwich spread.

Sidebar: I haven’t thought of sandwich spread in years, but my Mother used to occasionally use it in our school lunches, so I went with that.

I buttered the inside of a hoagie roll and toasted it in the large frying pan. Then I assembled the sandwich.

Toasted Hoagie Roll
Baked ham slices

Swiss cheese


Tomatoes and sandwich spread
I put the sandwich in the large frying pan and weighted it with the medium frying pan. I flipped it once so both sides got toasty. I took it out when the cheese started to melt. I sliced it lengthwise and held it together with toothpicks.

I plated it, but forgot the pickle slice (I was hungry, by then). It was pretty good, but messy. On the other hand, the ones you get at Big Boy are pretty hard to eat neat as well.

I watched a taped TV show and went to bed at 9:30 p.m.


  1. Looks good. What is sandwich spread?

  2. Hmmm. Best I could describe it is mayonnaise with small bits of pickle and red peppers in it. There is some seasoning, but I don't know what.