Friday, October 23, 2015


It was overcast, but still relatively warm on Thursday morning, so I didn’t wear my jacket.

I went to Big Boy’s for lunch and got my favorite waitress and my favorite meal: veal Parmesan with a Caesar side salad.

Back home after work, I cubes three peeled russet potatoes and put them in the Dutch oven. I topped them with a bag of sauerkraut and then sliced smoked sausage. I brought that to a boil, turned it to simmer and covered it.

Then I went outside to deal with the hose box. I unhooked it from the house faucet and then ran the two hoses out. They are ¾ inch heavy rubber, BTW and both 75 feet long. I drained them and moved the now-lighter box next to the shed. Then I reeled the hoses back into the box.

I opened the shed and lifted the box to put it in the trailer. Bad idea…

I heard (and felt) a noise like a rubber band breaking in my right shoulder (the one I had the rotator cuff surgery on) and that arm went numb. I got the hose box in the wagon, locked up the shed and went back inside.

I plated my dinner (with my left hand) and ate an excellent dinner.

I watched TV and my arm slowly stopped being numb, but it replaced that with pain.

Sidebar: I liked numb better!!!

I don’t have pain pills in the house, so I spent an uncomfortable night, trying to sleep.


  1. Maybe you can ask your doctor about OTC meds for cases like this? Feel better!

  2. When’s your appointment to get your shoulder looked at?

  3. @Carla: I did that a while ago. She said just to take an extra Celebrex. But I forgot last night.
    @Jyl: You're kidding, right?

  4. You gotta be remembering your Celebrex Daddy-O!!!

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