Monday, October 19, 2015

The Invasion

I got up to the alarm on Sunday. I cleaned the house as best as I could in my now-shortened time frame.

I went to Westborn and picked up some cookies, muffins and such.

I got another text from Victoria, saying Yanessa was sick, so Evy would be staying home with her. Damn! I was looking forward to seeing the little munchkin.

I baked some Pillsbury Grand biscuits and fried up some pork sausage patties.

I got the wheelbarrow and some shovels from the shed and put the truck on the lawn by the garage.

Then the Puerto Ricans showed up. I offered Vicky’s uncle and his son some coffee, but they said they wanted to get to work. And they did! I gave them a crowbar and a pry bar to dig out the old timbers. I asked them to put them in the truck so I could take them out back.

Meanwhile, Victoria put a load of bedsheets in the washer and I got busy sharpening the knives she brought.

She really liked the doors, by the way.

Evy had given her a grocery list, so she went to pick up what they needed.

The guys used the sand to level each new landscape timber (they used my six foot level to make sure) and then pounded in rebar to keep them in place.

I cut the last two timbers to size and drilled out the holes. I ended up one with rebar short, but I’ll pick it up on Monday.

They asked what I wanted to do with the sand that was left. I said I’d probably just put it in the vegetable garden. So they offered to do that and they did.

Vicky still wasn’t back, so I stuck her bedding in the dryer. Then her uncle asked if I had a step ladder and he started cleaning out my gutters!

Sidebar: These people have an unbelievable work ethic and cannot sit still!

Vicky got back and we all sat in the kitchen, drinking coffee and eating. The guys liked the biscuits and sausage while Vicky ate a muffin.

I sent the rest of the muffins and cookies home with them, but forgot the orange juice I bought for Yanessa. Oh, well, I’ll take it into work on Monday.

I checked out their work and it was perfect. 

Then I went in and took a nap. The rest of the day was anticlimactic. I did the last load of laundry and ate leftover shrimp scampi for my dinner. I watched a movie and went to be at 11:00 p.m.