Thursday, October 15, 2015


Wednesday was cool and cloudy again. I guess it really is fall…

I had to go to Lowe’s at lunch, so I stopped at Newburgh Grill again. I would have gone to Max and Erma’s and usually do if I’m just grabbing something at Lowe’s. But this time I need to browse and you get your food a lot quicker at the Newburgh Grill.

I decided to get something different, so I ordered a Coney dog with onion rings. Delish!

Then I went to Lowe’s and looked at stuff.

The sun did finally peek out in the afternoon, but it never got out of the 50’s.

When I got home and got changed, I started the Wednesday night wash. Then I went out in the garage and drilled holes in the last landscape timbers.

Inside, I decided to finally fix the one base kitchen cabinet door that will not stay closed. 

So, I took off unscrewed it and set it on the table. I need to move the screw holes over a tad and to do that, you need to fill in the old holes. So, I used an old trick. I dipped toothpicks in Elmer’s glue and stuck them in the existing holes. I’ll let them dry overnight, before cutting them off.

I warmed up some of the bean with bacon soup and ate it with a hunk of good bread.

I watched some TV and then went to bed.


  1. So, you recommend the Newburgh Grill for Coneys and Onion Rings?

  2. OMG, coney's YUMMY!!!

    Now where is Caley going to hide?

  3. @ GPF: Newburgh is good, but nowhere as good as that place in west Detroit.
    @ Carla: Under the bed, I guess.

  4. Anything in particular you're checking out at Lowes?

  5. @ Jake: No, just window shopping, so to speak.