Thursday, October 8, 2015

Hump day

Wednesday started out like Tuesday (weather-wise) but quickly morphed into a beautiful Michigan fall day with the addition of some sunshine.

I went to Max and Erma’s for a salad for lunch, but ended up ordering a Rueben sandwich with fries instead. It just sounded good and it was!

After work, I went out back and brushed off the statues bottoms. Then I blew them off and took them inside. Up front, the bird houses went in the garage and the fall decorations came out.

Inside, I made my last Cubano sandwich for dinner. I remembered to buy a bag of chips from the vending machine at work, so I had my side dish tonight.

I did the Wednesday night wash.

I watched taped shows and then went to bed early.


  1. Now you have been hanging with us too long. Once you make it to 8:30pm we can talk.

  2. LOL! You ruined my late night TV shows, dammit!!!

  3. The magic of DVR. Late night shows transform into early morning ones!

  4. Except the DVR keeps filling up.