Saturday, October 10, 2015


Friday was gloomy, damp and cold (well, cold for fall, anyway).

I ate lunch at Time Out and got my usual Friday fare: fish and chips. Then I went to Lowe’s. I got the truck washed on the way back to work (it needed it).

When I got home, I paid some bills on the computer. I did manage to get outside long enough to put up the pumpkin.

I make a ham and Swiss cheese sandwich with hot mustard and ate that, with a small bag of chips I remembered to buy, for dinner.

I watched some taped TV and then went to bed early.


  1. Are you and Vicki taking a break from the house restoration project in Detroit?


  2. She's off on some other tangent I don't quite understand (something like acting a a broker for out of state and Canadian buyers or something). But she wants to see the cabinet doors I have been ignoring. So, there goes my weekend. I thought I nailed it!

  3. The vending machine chip thing is a good idea, as it's cost effective and portion controllable. We do something similar if we're making burgers or coneys and just pick up some fries from McDs. Considerably cheaper and better than buying frozen oven ones (blech).