Saturday, October 24, 2015

Finally Friday

Friday was a bit cooler and breezy, but still sunny in the morning.

Vicky and I went to Red Lobster on Plymouth Road for lunch, so we could go to Party City afterwards. She’s looking for an R2D2 costume for Yanessa, but sadly, we didn’t find any.

Sidebar: They had a million costumes we had to look through.

After checking out and then rejecting a minion, Snow White, Disney’s Elsa, etc., etc., etc., she finally decided just to make Yanessa's costume this weekend.

It clouded up in the afternoon.

I got home and worked on the computer, updating the check register, making the grocery list and writing out the weekend’s ToDo list.

My friend B___ called and we chatted for a bit.

I sauteed a diced onion and added a can of roast beef hash. I ate half of that with a slice of buttered sourdough bread for dinner.

I didn’t feel like watching TV, so I read a magazine that had come in the mail until I was sleepy. After last night’s crappy rest, that didn’t take long.


  1. I'm glad you got some rest last night. I hope your arm shoulder is feeling a bit better today! Love your guts.

  2. FYI: Kohls has a bunch of Star Wars paraphernalia but I didn't see any Halloween costumes per se.

  3. I think she changed her mind and was going to make her a costume instead.