Saturday, October 3, 2015

Finally Friday

It was chilly and even windier on Friday. The damn wind, which had been 10-20 mph sustained most of the week, now climbed to 15-30 mph. I wore my jacket.

I walked outside, but I didn’t like it.

Vicky and I went to Time Out for lunch for their fish and chips.

I think the official high here in Redford was 58 degrees. It was completely overcast when I drove home.

The wind had knocked down a large branch that completely blocked my driveway. So, I left the truck in the road, dragged the branch out of the way and picked up the smaller branches that had broken off of it. Then I could get in the garage.

I treated the cat and changed into my work clothes. I put on my work jacket and went out front. Using the nut picker-upper wheel, I got all the black walnuts in the front yard up. I started a new pile in the vacant lot next door for the squirrels. 

Speaking of which, the squirrels are started to p*ss me off! They are taking the nuts and burying them for the winter in the easiest place to dig: my mulch!

So, my beautiful smooth mulch is starting to look like the surface of the moon!!! Sigh…

Plus, any they miss this winter (and squirrels suck at remembering just where they buried them) I will have to weed out come spring.

Back inside, I made a cup of coffee to warm up and preheated the oven. I warmed up the leftover fries (and myself) while I made another Slim Jim sandwich.

I watched the preseason Red Wings game against Toronto – we won!!! Then I went to bed.


  1. I still think you should invest in a tree shaker and bring them all down at one time.

  2. That would be nice, but probably out of my budget.