Friday, October 30, 2015


  1. It's interesting how most people probably don't even notice anymore. I mean, how many clocks does one actually have to change now? The microwave and the oven?

  2. Um, I fncking hate it! It totally screws me up for about a month every time As far as clocks to change, I have:
    - The battery clock in the downstairs bathroom
    - The battery clock by the washer
    - The battery clock in the kitchen
    - The Microwave clock
    - The stove clock
    - Grandma's mantle clock (if we don't wind it, Grandma dies...
    (oh wait a minute)

    So, yeah, it's a pain in the @ss!

    - The little clock in the office
    and the alarm clock in the bedroom.

  3. LOL about grandma! That is a lot of clocks so you better start fixing them now.