Wednesday, September 16, 2015


We were back to more normal overnight temps as it was 61 degrees when I took the trash out in the morning. I drove to work with the window down.

I went to Ten Yen for lunch and got my usual. Then I took a drive through Hines Park to check out the trees (and the women joggers, of course). There are a few trees starting to turn, BTW.

After work, I retrieved the trash can and came inside. I treated the cat and quickly changed clothes. Then I went and got the wheelbarrow, shovel and rake out of the shed.

Up front, I trimmed the day lily and cut back the hostas so I could plant my crocus.

I raked off the mulch and cut the landscape fabric. Then I dug out the dirt around the day lily. I used the dirt to start filling in the spaces where the flagstone didn’t touch the existing garden.

I refilled half the depth with magic dirt. Then I carefully placed in 60 crocus. Note: I didn’t count them, that’s how many the bag said.

I topped them with three inches of dirt and pressed it firmly in place (I walked on it, lol!) Then I put the mulch back. I watered it thoroughly using the watering can (so I didn’t make any mess). i used the blower to clean off the flagstones.

I got out the lopping shears and cut down half of the bush in the tree garden. Then I went in the garage and cut off two stakes and got some string. Using the evergreens (which I know are on my lot) I marked off both sides of my yard. I stopped at the forsythia on the north side. Then I measured from the edge of the road to that stake. I set the stake on the south side the same distance from the road.

Now I can figure out how much a fence (either a picket fence or a split rail – but I’m leaning towards the split rail) will cost me.

The sun was setting, so I closed up shop.

Inside, I warmed up the pasta and ate that for my dinner. I turned on the TV, but something was wrong. I couldn’t get any real-time stations. The cable was working, but any station I tried said it “would be available shortly.” I didn’t feel like screwing around calling Brighthouse, so I watched a taped show and then went to bed early.


  1. Check the cable wire. I've heard stories where bored cats chew them when they aren't barfing on bedspreads.