Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Saturday Story

I slept in on Saturday. I posted the Blog entry and then headed out for my morning errands.

I got my haircut and then went to Kroger’s.  I thought it was just a resupply, but I spent $130.00+ on the crap I bought… Sigh…

Sidebar: I apparently went a little crazy… But I have some great meals planned!

I was in the checkout line when my phone went off. It was my daughter, Melissa. I couldn’t answer, of course, (I was busy giving the cashier my Kroger card) so I figured I’d call her back later.

I stopped on the way back at the soon to be converted KFC. Fred asked me to check and see if they said when it would be open. But there was no mention of that and the signs covered the windows so I couldn’t see where they were at with the remodel.

I got home and left the truck outside to unload my groceries. I got everything put away and made another cup of coffee. Then I called Melissa back.

We talked for a couple of hours (seriously – that woman can talk!) and solved most of the world’s problems. There was something she thought I should post on the Blog, but I forgot what it was.

Sidebar: It’s a bitch getting old…

After we said our goodbyes, I looked at the ToDo list and decided it was a good time to take a nap. So, I did.

When I woke up, I cooked five strips of thick-cut bacon in the oven (yes, Brother Carl, I peppered them liberally).  I toasted four slices of sourdough bread and used my hearts of Romaine lettuce and the tomato Jeff had given me to make some outstanding BLTs.

Then I got to work. I got the wheelbarrow, the leaf rake and a shovel from out of the shed. I took that up front.

I opened the pack of Hyacinth and found there was 15 of them. So, I decided on four spots in the garden in front of the house. I raked the mulch aside and cut through the landscape fabric with my razor knife. I used the old shower curtain to carry the dirt I dug out to the wood pile.

I dug down about a foot in each spot and then filled the hole in with my magic dirt to six inches. Then I arranged four bulbs in each hole (three in the last). I covered them with more magic dirt and raked the mulch across the hole.

Sidebar: I would have taken a photo, but I realized there was nothing to see!

When I finished with that, I moved the last hostas from the front tree garden to the garden along the south garage wall. I have to empty that garden to allow for my new fence.

Sidebar: I decided to go with a two-split rail fence on both my lot lines out front. My neighbor is supposed to give me an estimate.

Back inside, with everything buttoned up, I washed up and warmed up the last of the Labor Day BBQ for my dinner.

I watched a forgettable movie (don’t ask, I forgot the title, lol!) and then I sorted through my bag of 15 different dried beans, looking for stones (I have found them in dried beans before).

None found, I put the dried beans in the Dutch oven, covered them with a lot of water and went to bed.


  1. That was an exciting Melissa day!!

  2. I like the restaurant name!

  3. @ GPF: You have no idea...
    @ Jake: I thought it was pretty clever, myself.