Monday, September 28, 2015

Suddenly Sunday

I slept in on Sunday, which meant everything (including the Blog post) was late. It also meant that my planned big breakfast (scrambled eggs with chives, thick cut bacon strips and homemade hash browns) went out the window. Instead, I choked down a piece of toast so my pills didn’t make me puke and shaved and showered.

Then I headed down the freeway to Canton.

I forgot to mention I went to Costco on Saturday to see if they had gotten my coffee in yet. They didn’t, so fnck them!

So, I rejoined Sam’s Club. I used to belong to it when it was in Westland but gave up my membership when they moved to Ford Road.

Then I got three boxes of coffee (just in case). I also got 24 bar towels.

Back home, I started the weekend wash and then went to the Post Office.  Back home again, I changed into my work clothes.

The concrete had set up, so I used my transfer shovel to put the dirt back around the fence posts.

Then I dug up the rest of the dirt in the tree garden and added it to the flagstones in the English garden.

I rearranged the rocks in the tree garden and added two bags of mulch to create a new garden inside the fence.

I turned around the mums, so the purple was showing.

Back inside, I made my signature shrimp scampi and ate ton of it. Delicious!!!

I watched the Lions lose another game (what did I expect?) and then went outside to see the "blood moon eclipse." Not that exciting here in Redford (it was cloudy),

 Then I went to bed. I was bone tired.


  1. The fence and garden looks great! Nice work. The mums are beautiful.

  2. RE: " everything (including the Blog post) was late" I Noticed. Now I am confused. You keep talking about the "Tree Garden" and I assumed it was in back with the Hosta around it...Now it's under the fence. Which side? Could we have a total view pix from the road?
    Sorry to be such a pain in the A$# but I am trying to keep up.

  3. No flag stone around the tree garden?