Saturday, September 26, 2015

OMG!!! I get invaded!

Friday was another gorgeous day. But, it didn’t start out that gorgeous.

I set my glasses on the sink to shave. When I finished, I picked them up (one handed) and they snapped in half (again!) Now, the last time that happened, I bought a new frame. But this is ridiculous!!!

Sidebar: I love these frames. They are so light and look good on me (I think). But I can’t afford to spend the money on new frames every six months. My insurance only pays for new glasses every two years.

My two year drought ends in November. So, I will wear my old pair until then and then get some plastic frames!!! Screw it!

Sidebar: If anybody has suggestions on cool looking plastic frames, please email me.

Today was the second, quarterly “All hands meeting” our new VP of IT scheduled.

Now, the last time, he made a big deal about thanking me and Courtney publicly for providing the bagels, scones, cookies and coffee. So, I asked my Boss to tell him not to mention me, please (I just have the credit card).

Of course, Courtney is off on maternity leave (although she showed up for the meeting).

So, the first damn slide he showed in his presentation was to thank me for my effort!!! And everybody gave me a round of applause.

Jesus Christ!!!

I didn’t need that…

Michelle, my old cubicle buddy, had sent me a text, saying she and Vicky were going to lunch and did I want to come. I said sure. So she showed up a little after noon and we all went to Buddy’s in her truck. I got a cup of the chicken tortilla soup and the individual antipasto salad.

It was nice catching up.

Back at home after work, I started watering. In the middle of that, I talked to my neighbor about my fence. He said I couldn’t go out as far as I wanted (to the forsythia bush) without a permit. Apparently, I have to stay behind the sidewalk.

Sidebar: since we don’t have sidewalks (except for the one house the Township rehabbed and sold) I didn’t know that.

So, he is supposed to give me a price next week. I asked him to throw in the price for rototilling up the tiger lilies. They will survive, but I need to get the damn grass out of there.

It was getting too late to work on the garden, but I took some photos for Carla so she could see what is left.

It has been a bumper crop year for the black walnuts. Now, since I’m not cutting the lawn, I didn’t really care. But they are all over the driveway, and I keep popping them with the truck tires. So, I got out the nut picker-upper Jake and Carla got me and started gathering them up.

This created a crowd of neighborhood kids, all of whom wanted to try it. So, I let them.

Upon reflection, that was a mistake.

They had a blast! I showed them how to empty it in the vacant field next door and warned them not to touch them, as it would stain their skin black. One little girl giggled and said, “We’re already black!” I said, “Not like your skin, but like you poured black ink on your hands.”

One little girl, who was interested in the garage, asked if I “make stuff.” I said I do. She said, “Could you make me a birdhouse?” I told her I was a little busy right now, but I’ve give her a bird house. So, I took the yellow one down from the maple tree out front and presented it to her.

One boy said, “You have swings in your back yard. Can we swing on them?”

Sidebar: Now I was feeling a little uneasy…

But, I said, sure. During the rush out back the bottom of the birdhouse broke off and we couldn’t find it. I told her not to worry, I’d fix it and give it back to her.

After they got tired of swinging and exploring, they started to leave. But two girls confronted me, asking if they could do some work for me for money. I asked what they needed it for (remember the two girls who needed bail money for their mom?)

One said she wanted to go to band camp and the other needed braces (she does) but their family can’t afford either.

Shit! If they would have said “candy” I could have blown them off! So, I said I’d come up with something.

They went away and I closed everything up. I heated up Vicky’s lunch and ate that for dinner.

Then the doorbell rang…

It was those two girls again, along with their Nana (Funny but they don’t even remotely look related). She was sitting on my bench and asked me to join her. So, I did.

She explained that their Daddy was at work, but would want to know just what the kids were getting involved with.

Sidebar: Now I felt like an accused child molester.

So, I explained that they asked for work and I agreed. I told her I didn’t have that much outside to do, but would try and think of something. I reassured her that, under no circumstance, would they be allowed in my house, etc., etc., etc.

She finally patted my arm and said she would talk to their Daddy. Then they all left.


I came in and went to bed.


  1. Don't go Ray Ban. I've had to replace two of the arms (under suspicion of the eye doctor) and one of them is messed up again. I've had good luck with the first generation of Nike plastic frames. The second generation, not so much.

    Garden is looking great.

  2. Thanks for the advice and the complement.