Thursday, August 20, 2015

Wednesday, and back to work…

I did go into work on Wednesday, but I was moving slow.

My Boss took me to lunch. It’s a nice tradition she started. When she gives you your yearly review, she takes you to lunch at the restaurant of your choice.

My review was excellent (but I knew that). Unfortunately, there is no money in the budget to give me a raise (I knew that, too!)

However, I did hear something interesting. “Somebody” in upper management told the IT Director that as long as I want to work, I have a guaranteed job. And, if I ever decide to semi-retire, I can work part-time as long as I like. That’s almost as good as a raise (almost).

It rained like hell from about 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. So, I was happy, thinking my lawn might still come back. But when I got home, the rain gauge wasn’t even damp! The rain seems to have missed me!!! Sigh…

Since the ground was dry, I loaded up all the wood I had dug out into the pickup and drove them out back. The driveway was beginning to fill up. I took my time (and took it easy) and put them in the rear garden as edging.

I ate the rest of the chili mac & cheese for dinner and went to bed early.


  1. Congrats! So that explains what you're doing with the 4x4s. What about the holes they left?

  2. Oh, and what was your restaurant? Newburgh Grill or Time Out?

  3. Jake, I dealt with the holes on Thursday. And, neither one. I picked Max and Erma's. I am fond of their Swiss and mushroom burgers.