Friday, August 7, 2015


Thursday was another Pure Michigan perfect day.

I ate at the Newburgh Grill. I had two Coney’s with fries, just because I can. Then I went and got the truck washed.

I went out back the moment I got home. It’s done!!!

I admit the siding colors don’t match. The old aluminum siding is more yellow. But, from 10 feet away, you hardly notice.

I went over to Rick’s house and thank him, then paid him. He stuck with his original estimate of $500.00. But that was before I added in the basement window and the outside places for electrical boxes. So, I tried to give him $600 and $50 for the guy who will hall the old garage door away (he knows a guy). He took the $50 for his “guy” but refused the extra money, saying he was giving me the good neighbor price.

I watered the back gardens (next chance of rain is next Tuesday).

I got in another harvest from the veggie garden. It p*ssed me off to see half-eaten, ripened tomatoes in the lawn. The skunk (or whatever it is that does that) does have good taste. He only ate the heirloom ones! :(

I made a couple of cucumber sandwiches and went to be early.