Thursday, August 6, 2015

Then it was Wednesday…

Wednesday was a repeat of Tuesday’s weather, but with less wind. Perfect!

I went to Time out for lunch. My dear friend Heather has returned as the barmaid, on Wednesday’s only, after the birth of her son and I enjoy her smile. Plus, the new waitress, Rachel, is cute.

I got one of the specials, blackened chicken BBQ sandwich, but substituted a cup of the potato and beef soup for the fries. The soup threw me. I thought it would be a cream-based potato soup with beef. Instead, it was a clear broth with potatoes and beef. But it was excellent.

The sandwich however, while good, was different story. It was good, but WAY over seasoned. My tongue is still burning as I write this.

I went to Lowe’s next and got a single gang box and a round light box for the new wall.

When I got home, I changed clothes and raced out back to take the final photos of the new wall.

I was disappointed.  There was a box of siding and some weird things for the outlets, but nothing had been done. But, I reminded myself that Rick is doing this as a side job.

On the way back in, I noticed the flowers along the back of the house were blooming, so I took a picture. I forget their name (but Carl might know).

Back inside, I started the Wednesday night wash. Then I took the rest of the night off.

I ate the rest of the pizza (cold) for dinner and watched a little TV, but I went to bed early. My back was still killing me.


  1. Dad, I'm starting to believe you go to Time Out for the ambiance instead of the food ;-0 XO

    The mysterious flower looks beautiful!