Monday, August 17, 2015

Sunday’s Story

I went out first thing Sunday morning and hooked up the sprinkler. I watered the front lawn and gardens for an hour.

I made a breakfast of soft boiled eggs while I waited. Then I put the sprinkler back in the shed and wound up the hose. It was already hot and sticky.

I noticed the bush in back was rubbing on the siding again. So, I got out the trimmers and made it thinner and flatter.



It’s funny. That bush was up front, about two feet tall and dying when I came here. I dug it out and almost threw it away, but at the last minute I planted it out back. There wasn’t a garden back there then. I just planted it in the lawn. But, its doing fine now.

Then I got the kitchen shears and cut all the big iris back into fans (like my Mom used to). I threw the cut off vegetation in the field next door.

Then I worked up the garden and planted my fall crops: peas, green beans and radishes. I watered that garden again so they would sprout. I got more tomatoes and another cucumber, so I made a cucumber sandwich for my lunch.

I saw on a episode of Treehouse Guys that they recommended putting a eye bolt in a tree rather than a cable with a hose on it as the tree will grow around it. That made me wonder as I had done that to the tree out back when it started to lean over. So, I checked. They were right!

For dinner, I was supposed to grill a steak and some sweet corn, but it felt too muggy for me. So, I made a grilled cheese sandwich and some tomato soup for my dinner. I watched DIY shows until bedtime.


  1. You did a great job with the yard. I'm glad your tree trick worked!

  2. It's not the poor shrubs fault you planted it too close to the house.....

  3. @ Carla: It worked too good. Now it's buried inside the tree!!!
    @ GPF: that bush was less than two feet tall when I moved it. I didn't think it would survive, much less florish!