Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Monday Update

It had stopped raining by the time I let for work, but there was a lot of standing water on the roads. It was just in the 60’s with noticeably less humidity.

Before I left, though, I walked the back yard, picking up branches. Monday is the day they usually (usually, lol) cut the lawn (we had a wild, windy night). The kids they hire to run the mowers seem to get pissy about downed branches.

Now you may have noticed I never went to Kroger’s over the weekend. It was not because I didn’t need to go (I did!) but I was fixated on getting the garage finished.

So, I went on Monday at lunchtime. I got what I needed, plus a pound of pasta salad at the deli for my lunch.

I took everything home and put the perishables away. I was eating my pasta salad when I heard my neighbor fire up his lawn mower. Great, thought I!

So, I went out back, told him I was done and gave him my garage door opener. He said he’d probably start the inside demo (of the fake wall) this afternoon.

Sidebar: I had security concerns and seriously thought about this and realized that (A) I didn’t feel comfortable with giving him (or anybody, for that matter) the keys to the house, but that meant (B) I’d have to keep meeting him and letting him in and out.

So, I locked the man door between the garage and the house. That way, he can come and go as he pleases (like if he needed something from Home Depot) and lock and unlock the garage as needed.

Besides, you can’t copy a garage door opener like you can a key…

But, it dawned on me in the afternoon I never took down the outdoor light fixture! I was going to Sunday night, but I was hot and tired and I figured I’d just do it after work on Monday. Then I’d give him the opener. I jumped the gun, I guess.

Dammit! I’m sure he can handle it, but now I just feel stupid…

When I got home, there were three fat garbage bags in my driveway. WTF? I drove around them and parked the truck. Turned out they were loose insulation Rick had dug out from the fake wall. The wall was down and he had the new studs and 4x8 press board inside the garage, ready to install.  There was also a basement window sitting there.


I noticed he didn’t have all the insulation out so, after I changed clothes, I dug out the rest with a crowbar and filled up another half-bag. Then I swept up. I figured I owed him that after the light.

Speaking of which, I wondered what he did with it. So, I walked out back. He had set the light fixture off to the side and also took out the sistered 2x4’s and my downspout.

Back inside, I scrubbed my hands and arms (I hate insulation!). Then I cleaned out the fridge for tomorrow’s garbage pickup. I made a cucumber sandwich for dinner. My cucumbers taste so damn good I made another for dessert!

In the spirit of the wall repair project, I watched some DIY shows before going to bed early.

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