Friday, August 21, 2015

I Dig Thursday!

It rained overnight (thank you!) and I checked the gauge before I left for work. There was just over an inch of rain in it!!!

It had stopped before I drove in so, other than water on the roads, it was not a problem. I stopped and bought bagels and cream cheese at the Looney Bakery.

I went to the Post Office on Merriman at lunch and mailed a package. Then I went to Home Depot and bought four bags of sand. I got a couple of hot dogs on the way out and ate lunch in the truck.

It got seriously windy and walking outside was difficult.

When I got home, I changed clothes and then went out back. I never used any of my compost pile in the garden this spring, so I had plenty of dirt to dig. I got about half a wheelbarrow full and took it up front.

I filled in the trench left by the 4x4’s and then stomped the dirt down. I topped the tamped down dirt with the sand. Then I stomped the sand.

I ended up with one bag of sand left over. So, I put that, the wheelbarrow and the shovel in the shed and buttoned everything down for the night.

I was on the computer when the cell phone rang. Unfortunately, it was on the charger on the bedroom, so I missed the call. It was my daughter, Melissa, so I called her back and we talked for a long, long time.

When we hung up, I finished cooking that steak in a skillet. I “baked” a sweet potato in the microwave and ate a delicious dinner. I didn’t even try watching TV, just read a book until I dozed off. I woke up around midnight, shut the light off and went to bed for real.


  1. Why did you abandon your garden edging or is this a "stay tuned" project?

  2. I thought I told you about this. I'm having Jon-Boy install two layers of Indiana flagstone around the gardens in front.They are (were) supposed to do it after August 15, but still haven't shown up. Its not that crucial, but since I already paid them half the money, it's kinda annoying...