Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Homeward Bound…

I had Jake show me how to set the alarm on my phone Monday night (I’d never used it before) so I woke up at 5:00 a.m. on Tuesday.

I shaved, showered, got dressed and finished packing. Then I lugged my suitcase and my sorry ass downstairs.

I made my heartfelt goodbyes to Carla and Whiskey and then Jake and I left.

Sidebar:   I hate saying goodbye. It always feels like it’s the last time. But at my age, it could be, I suppose.

Jake dropped me off at the airport and we hugged goodbye. Then I went in and got my boarding pass. I went through the usual pat down and went into the terminal.

Sidebar: I forgot to tell you this, but at Detroit, when I flew down, I went through the scanner. The guy looked at the results and said, “I have to pat down your shoulder.” Huh?

Um, what about my artificial knee or the rods in my back?

Detroit! Do better!!

Terrorists: Ignore this post!!

Since I was early, I went to the Sunrise Café. Now, I have gotten the sausage biscuit with the additional egg and cheese several time in the past. It wasn’t great (all the ingredients are precooked and they assemble then and pop them in a microwave) but it was okay.

However, today, I asked for the sausage croissant with egg and cheese. I thought I’d kick it up a notch.


The lovely texture of a fresh croissant turns way too chewy after being microwaved.

I got on the plane and then the pilot came on the intercom. He said there would be a 25 minute delay due to airport traffic. Huh?

I love the Columbia airport (I do) but it’s little. There are only a total (total) of 11 gates!

But he said he could make the time up in the air and he did.

So, I got to my other Charlotte gate in time to board (I was worried) and then headed home. That pilot came on the intercom just before we landed and explained the plane was carrying the body of a serviceman and asked that, out of respect, we all remain seated until the accompanying honor guard left the plane.

Sidebar: I noticed her in Charlotte. She was a Marine sergeant in full dress uniform. Going to and coming from Columbia, home of Fort Jackson, I am used to seeing men and women soldiers in fatigues, but never in full dress.

But, when we finally pulled to the gate, several people in front jumped up and start to get their things from the overhead. The people up front all yelled at them to sit down!!!

Embarrassed, they did. The sergeant got off. Outside my window, there was a hearse, six marines standing at attention, a minister and a woman with a couple of small children. It was sad and solemn. Everyone on the plane saw them as well and nobody (nobody) talked as we deplaned. That was unbelievable.

Then, when I walked into the gate, everyone waiting for the next flight was standing up. Several of the people waiting to board (obviously veterans) were standing at attention and saluting. It was impressive.

It took a long time for the luggage to come through, but I assumed it was because of the ceremony taking place, so I didn’t care. Some things are more important than getting home quick.

I finally got my bag, bailed out the truck and headed home.

Other than cat barf on the bed, the house was fine. I threw the bedding in the washer and went out to water the gardens. I did the herbs and the window box with the wand and then hooked up the square head sprinkler for the vegetable garden.

Up front, I did the container gardens and the mailbox garden. The magic globes worked pretty good and most of the plants looked okay. But, the watering can plant looked bad (I didn’t have a magic globe for it). So, I planted it where the brown eyed Susan’s were (they died last winter).

Magic globes

Back inside, I finally finished the Blog post. I didn’t feel like making dinner, so I ate some cheese and crackers instead. I watched the last of the news and then started unpacking. I got about half way through and then decided I was too damn tired. So, I went to bed instead.

Sidebar: I got up to go to the bathroom and saw the computer was still on. I went to shut it down and found I had written the blog from Monday, but didn't post it! Damn. So, I did at midnight. Sorry...


  1. Thanks for coming dad! We had a great time. Love you!

  2. Thanks for having me! Love you, too.