Saturday, August 1, 2015

Friday Follies

It was pleasant weather on Friday morning. I rode to work with my window down for a change.

I walked outside in the morning and it was lovely. It was warm, but there was a gentle breeze that made you forget about it.

I went to Ten Yen at lunch. For a change, I ordered the Almond Chicken. The owner was amazed!

About half way through my meal, he came over and asked what I thought of it. I said it was too much food, but it sort of reminded me of my favorite Chinese meal, pressed duck. He laughed and said, “Nobody serves that, anymore!”

Sidebar: The first Chinese dinner I ever had was when a bunch of us loaded into Danny and his wife Bunny’s VW bus and left New Baltimore for Roseville (or was it St. Clair Shores?) We smoked a couple of joints on the way and I don’t remember. Anyway, we let Danny (the expert), order. He got the dinner for eight. It was all exotic and delicious, but the one thing I will never forget was the pressed duck.

I always ordered it since then, but it fell off the menus a long time ago.

I asked the owner of Ten Yen about it and he explained that Americans didn’t order it a lot and, when the price of duck rose, they shit-canned it, some 20 years ago.

I mourn the loss of pressed duck!

After an excellent meal, I took a drive through Hines Park. I had to laugh, as I drove past a co-worker, Fred, speed-walking.

Sidebar: He is amazing! He’s over 70 years old, but still is on a tennis league and does 5-10k runs. I wish I had his constitution!!! But, whenever I feel gloomy about being a crip, I get out my tee shirt and say, “Yup, that’s me!”

When I went to walk outside in the afternoon, it was hot and the wind had picked up.

By the time I got home, the wind was really blowing! I changed clothes and then watered the container gardens out front. This time I added Miracle Gro to the water. Next I slowly dumped two gallons of water (also mixed with Miracle Gro) on each rose bush.

Note: I know they make a special Miracle Gro for roses, but I don’t have it. I figured regular Miracle Gro wouldn’t hurt.

Then I went out back and did the kitchen window flower box with more fertilized water.

Since I was out there, I checked out the vegetable garden. I got another cucumber, three Roma tomatoes and three heritage tomatoes.

Sidebar: I’ve bought them before, but never grew heritage tomatoes. Since these are almost purple, I’m not that sure when they are ripe. Back in the house, after I washed them, I bit into one to check. OMG!!! It tasted FANTASTIC!!!

Since today was a payday, I spent some time online, paying bills and then just generally farting around.

I went and heated up a can of Dinty Moore beef stew (still trying to reduce my ridiculous pantry inventory) for dinner.

By then it was almost 9:00 p.m. I tried to get interested in a movie that started at 8:00 but couldn’t. So, I shut it down and went to bed.


  1. Should visit the bakery and maybe bruschetta is in your future.

    P.S. With all the cadavers, metal and screws in you, "Salvaged Body" works, too!

  2. I never tried the "pressed duck" but do like Shrimp in lobster sauce Or Shrimp Warr Bar.

  3. @ Jake: The brushetta sounds good! And "Salvaged Body" does work as well.
    @GPF: Now, I have not tried the shrimp in lobster sauce, but it sounds good. Next time (if they have it)