Sunday, August 23, 2015

Finally Friday

(Look, I apologize for this being so late. But I woke up Saturday without the use of my right arm and hand. So, I tried to type with my left index finger. That got old, quick.)

It was cool and cloudy Friday morning, but it felt nice compared to the muggy days we have had recently.

When I pulled out onto Plymouth Road on the way to work, I noticed there was a motorcycle coming up behind me with a sidecar. That was unusual. Not that they are rare, but I rarely see them.

Besides, it looked odd. I’m used to seeing them on a full-dresser Harley or a Honda Goldwing (Bob Mels had one) but this bike looked skinny. Hmmm…

Fortunately, the cute blonde driving it pulled into the left turn lane at Merriman and sat next to me, waiting for the light to turn.

I’ll be dammed if it wasn’t a Ural! First time I ever saw one!!!

Sidebar: a Ural (a Russian-made bike) was one of the options Jake gave me back in the day when I was looking for a replacement for the god-awful heavy Yamaha.  I ended up buying the Royal Enfield (mostly because of the history of the brand).

But I spent some of the time looking at the bike (nice) and then the rest looking at the blonde (really nice).

Work was, well, work. But it was Friday, so who cared?

I went to Time Out for lunch and got a quarter-pound cheese burger and fries (the soup sounded awful – chicken, spinach and rice!) I ate about half of it and then gave up.

Then I went and got the truck washed.  I spent the rest of my lunch hour driving through Hines Park.

The afternoon passed as slowly as a Friday always does.

When I finally got home, I treated the cat and then changed clothes.

Then I went out and watered the veggie garden with the square head sprinkler.

Back inside, I watered the two hanging plants with my watering can. Then I got my bucket and dumped two gallons (treated with Miracle-Gro rose fertilizer) on each rose bush.

When I shut the water off put back, I thinned out the green bean sprouts. I was surprised they came out so quickly!

I baked a store-bought pizza for dinner (adding banana peppers, black olives and more mozzarella cheese). I ate one slice and then went to bed. I was almighty tired…


  1. It was pizza Friday apparently cause Jake and I made homemade pizza!

  2. Yours sound better than mine, LOL!