Thursday, July 9, 2015


So, I overslept Wednesday and woke up at 7:30 a.m.! I immediately sent a text to my boss and let her know I was running late. Then I hauled butt!

It was cloudy and cool, but not raining, and it stayed that way all day.

I went up to the Big Boy’s for lunch and, this time, got my old favorite: veal parmesan with a Caesar side salad.

When I go back from lunch, there was a container on food on my desk. I asked Courtney if Michelle from Facilities had been by. She said she’d been there the whole time and didn’t see her. Hmmm…

So, I first went and asked Vicky and, sure enough, she said her mother had asked her to bring it in for me. I told her to thank Evy for me.

Sidebar: I was very, very happy! You can get tired of eating macaroni salad, no matter how good you make it, LOL!

Once I got home after work, I changed clothes and started the Wednesday wash.

I watched the news for a while and then heated up my rice and beans separately. Then I topped the rice with the beans and ate a delicious Puerto Rican dinner.

I stayed awake until 9:30 p.m. and then went to bed.


  1. Dad, you stated you keep having to add mayo to loosen the macaroni salad. I learned that you don't drain the macaroni too well before adding the other ingredients. A little extra moisture will keep the salad from drying out. Also, add the ingredients while it is warm so the pasta sucks up the mayo the first time. When or if you need to loosen it just stir in a little warm water to loosen the texture. This way you are not adding more mayo! I hope this helps. ~the cooking Goddess.

  2. Thank you, dear Goddess! I remember you telling me this about potato salad. I didn't know it applied to macaroni salad as well..