Wednesday, July 29, 2015


It was hotter and muggier on Tuesday. I think the high was 93 degrees (the record was 100 degrees, set in 1930, BTW). I wore on of my PR shirts so I managed to walk outside I the morning. I didn’t even try in the afternoon, preferring to stay in the A/C.

I went to the Newburgh Grill and ordered the bean and ham soup and a patty melt.

Note to self: Why would you order hot food when you are sitting there melting? Did you forget about salads?

So, I barely managed to finish the cup of soup. The waitress brought my patty melt and I ate a couple of bites. Then I just sat there, debating in my head what to do next.

Unfortunately, the waitress noticed and the two waitresses and the owner descended on my table, asking me what was wrong with my sandwich. I explained it was excellent, as always, I was just too hot to eat. I asked if I could get a box to take it home. They relaxed then and the waitress brought me the box and my bill.

The afternoon was as busy as the morning and before I knew it, it was 5:00 p.m. and I was headed home. I left the truck outside, treated the cat, changed clothes and got to work in the garage. I worked about an hour (until my back started really hurting) and got a lot moved.

Now all I have left is to empty the shelves and the rear pegboards, then remove them. Lastly, I have to get the main workbench out of the alcove and into the main garage.

I have to change clothes when I got back inside. My shorts and tee-shirt were sweaty and covered with dirt and sawdust.

I warmed up the patty melt and ate it. It didn’t taste as good as it did at lunchtime, but it did solve the eternal “what’s for dinner?” problem.

I had bought a small, seedless watermelon over the weekend, so I cut a big chunk of that for dessert.

Sidebar: Is it me or do seedless watermelons just not taste as good as the seeded ones? The ones with seeds are more trouble (unless you’re sitting outside and can spit the seeds out – that’s fun), but I swear they taste better.

I watched a couple of reruns and then went to bed.


  1. The garage clean up seems like a lot of work for one person. Good Luck!

  2. When are you coming over to clean mine?
    You promised at the graduation party.

  3. @ Carla and the OLD PapaFish: I'm not cleaning out the garage! I have to get that alcove cleaned out, so my neighbor can fix the outside wall.

    Well, I will probably straighten it up we I put it all back, I suppose.

  4. "I have to get that alcove cleaned out, so my neighbor can fix the outside wall."

    I never knew that so I assumed you were just doing late spring clean up. You never said this in your blog silly! Until now...

  5. First I heard about the wall.....

  6. What happened to the wall?

    Might be a good time to get that canoe down. That'd make a handy spot for the kayak.

  7. @ Old PapaFish, Jake and Carla: Quit ganging up on me. I specifically said a while back the one stud that hold ups the wall on the south side I found to be eaten away by "something" (termites, carpenter ants?) last winter. So, I put in two 2x4's, sistered in to hold it up. My neighbor, Rick, offered to fix it for materials alone. I even posted photos. So, last weekend, Rick said he had the time this week to do it.

    So, I need to "move' (not necessarily 'clean") out everything in the alcove so they can work.Unfortunately, its taking longer (and more painfully) than I imagined.

    Note to Jake: Re; Canoe. Can't do it. I offered it to Riese (through her Dad) but he said she had too many things going on at the time, but to keep it for her and she'd probably love it, one day... Sigh...