Friday, July 24, 2015


Thursday's weather was a repeat of Wednesday and Tuesday (which was like Monday): highs in the low 80’s, low to medium humidity and no rain.

Sidebar: Sounds perfect and it was, unless you have large gardens and a lawn you don’t want to lose…

I had to run an errand at the Westland Mall, so I stopped to eat at Los Amigos, a Mexican restaurant Courtney said was good.


I got my usual: two beef enchiladas, refried beans and rice. The rice was good, but the plate was a hot mess. It was sloppy and the beans were soup.

Note to self: The only two places in this area I have found worth attention for Mexican food are Old Mexico (on Five-Mile between Middle Belt and Inkster) and the restaurant/grocery store on Ford Road whose name I forget that Michelle, Vicky and myself have visited.

Sidebar: This reminds me of my friend, B___, who, whenever we went to a new restaurant for lunch, always ordered a hamburger. He said that, if they screwed that up, they couldn’t be trusted with anything else on the menu. I feel the same way about beef enchiladas, rice and beans.

Back home after work, I treated the cat and changed clothes. I watched the news for a while and then went out back. I checked the gardens. The herb bed and the window box were still damp. But the vegetable garden was dry. So, I hooked up the square head sprinkler and watered it.

I had to laugh. Birds gathered around the spray and flew though it to rinse off.

I took some pictures of the herb gardens for you.

From the bottom: Chives, oregano and dill

The raised bed herb garden

The kitchen window box

I went out and turned off the sprinkler. I took some photos and then grabbed a six-inch cucumber and took it inside. I peeled it and ate it warm, with some salt. First harvest from the garden and delicious!

Cucumber, growing on the rebar

Italian tomatoes

Heirloom tomatoes

I made some Campbell’s bean and ham soup for dinner.

I watched a coupled of taped shows and then went to bed at 10:00 p.m.