Friday, July 3, 2015


The big news on Thursday was that we didn’t lose power in our building!!!

I had to replenish my stripping supplies, so I needed to go to Lowe’s. Therefore, I went to Newburgh Grill at lunch. Damn! Starting today, they are also closed for a week’s vacation.

If you remember, I gave up on Applebee’s and have recently been to Red Robin’s. So, I went to Max and Erma’s. I haven’t been there in, like, forever (back when B___ was still working, I think). But I still have their “Preferred Customer” card in my wallet (we went there every week or so, back in the day).

The place still looked the same, but the menu had changed. I found an old friend and ordered the grilled mushrooms and Swiss burger on a brioche bun, with seasoned fries.

Sidebar: I ordered the Erma size and the waitress asked if I wanted to upsize it to the Max size. I said, “God, no!”

I must admit, the food was excellent, albeit a bit pricey. And, I only left a few of the fries.

Then I went to Lowe’s. Besides the stripping supplies, I picked up more Wet-Jet liquid for the house.

Sidebar: When I “clean” the house, I wash the floors with Pine-Sol and a sponge mop. But, I touch up the kitchen spills and the bathrooms with the Wet-Jet.

We have a stretch of four-five days without rain coming, so I stopped on the way back to work and got the truck washed.

The afternoon passed slowly (half the people were on vacation), but I finally headed home.

Since I have Friday off for the Fourth of July, I spent some time on the computer, making lists of things to do, groceries to buy and reconciling my check register spreadsheet.

I had a head of cauliflower in the fridge that was looking a bit sad.

Sidebar: Did you know that when cauliflower starts getting those brown spots on them in the grocery store (and I mean even the high-end ones), somebody takes a chef’s knife and “shaves” them off? It’s true. I’ve seen it.

So, I quartered it, cored it, broke it into flowerets and boiled it until fork-tender. I put about half of it into a bowl, added a lot of butter and salt and ate a vegetarian supper.

Sidebar: It was delicious (I love cauliflower) but, both Caley and I will regret this in the morning. Cauliflower always gives me gas.

I was determined to clean out “some” of my taped shows, so I started either deleting them, stopped taping some series that I never get to or watching the rest.

About 10:00 p.m., I was hungry again. Rather than eat more cauliflower or a sandwich, I made some popcorn on the stove.

I fell asleep during the Tonight show. When I woke up for a bathroom break, I turned off the TV and went to bed for real.

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