Monday, July 27, 2015

Road Trip

So, I woke up way too early on Saturday and then finally fell back asleep. Which meant I overslept and got to my haircut appointment 10 minutes late.

I apologized, but knew it was okay. My barber schedules time on the half-hour but rarely takes longer than 20 minutes to cut my hair and trim my beard.

From there, I went to Kroger’s and resupplied. I made one impulse buy: a tub of “egg and mustard” potato salad at the deli.

Sidebar: If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been jonesing about potato salad for a while now.

I got home about 11:00 a.m. and unloaded the truck. I put everything away and then ate some potato salad. I took a short nap afterwards.  

Then I loaded the address of my nephew, Russel (my sister Anne’s oldest son) into the phone and headed out to his oldest son (Hunter) graduation party.

It took about an hour, but I found it easy enough. They live just off of the Metro Beach highway in Harrison Township. I decided a spot just off their driveway was handicapped parking, so I dumped the truck there.

LOL, my brother Carl later parked next to me!

I greeted all my kin and got a beer. The only thing they had was Coors Light.

Sidebar: I always have a beer at these events (like Erin’s wedding a couple weekends ago) just so I fit in (I’m not that much of a beer drinker) and then switch to water. But, Coors Light?

I remember when it was a big deal to get Coors beer, back in the day (they only sold it in Colorado, then). People would bring some back and we would all celebrate!

But, it was a very mild beer, even back then. Today, Coors Light tasted like cat pee. Sorry, Melissa and Tracey, but it tasted a lot like Bud light. Shudder…

They had the obligatory tent and tables and I sat with my brother Joe and Cathy, Carl and Terry’s (Hunter’s grandpa) brother Dale and his wife Madalyn.  Terry himself eventually joined us.

I got a big hug from Hunter’s mom, Wendy. Now, there’ something weird about Wendy: she doesn’t seem to ever age. I mentioned that to her and she just laughed and said, “Hey, I’m forty and I look it.”

No, no she doesn’t.

Sidebar: I stole this off of Facebook to show you the grad and his parents. I had used my phone to get there and stupidly left it in the truck. So, no pictures. 

I finally joined the crowd and got something to eat in the garage. I got some fried chicken, pasta salad and some sausage and sauerkraut.  It was great, BTW.

My back and my leg were starting to lock up from sitting, so I took a walk out back. I had to go through the volley ball court where all the kids were playing. They insisted I join them, but I declined, siting old age.

I had asked Hunter where his dirt bike trail was and he pointed out back, saying it was to the right of the tree across the creek (or crick, as we would have called it). So, I walked there. I found the tree and the crick and totally trashed my Florsheim deck shoes in the mud.

I was about 3/4s of the way though the course (nice jumps, good berms – wish I had my Suzuki 250 – oh, and a good left knee - to try it out) when Hunter and a friend showed up, worried I was lost and wanting to “guide” me back.

Seriously? I bow-hunted for like 10 years in mid-Michigan forests and never got lost. But, it was touching (I guess) and so I let them lead me out.

BTW, they walked over the fallen tree (nothing I could have done) while I trashed my shoes again in the mud.

When we got back, I asked Joe what time it was. He said 5:30 p.m., so I figured I could leave. It took a while to say goodbye to everyone, but I was eventually on I-94 heading to the D.

I got home about 6:30 p.m. and left the locked truck outside. I need to clean out the rear of the garage so Rick can repair it. But, not tonight. I’m tired.

I changed clothes and started the weekend wash. I check the TV menu and saw that the SYFY channel had Sharknado 3 – Oh hell no! on. I figured it would be campy and funny and it was. Then I went to bed.


  1. And a good time was had by all. Of course I parked in the Handicap parking...I was the gimp long before you to around to it!!

  2. Congratulations, Hunter! I still can’t believe you’re old enough to graduate!