Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Rainy Days and Tuesdays always get me down

Sidebar: Karen Carpenter always struck me as such a sad, sad case. She had such a beautiful voice and such a pathetic life. Sigh…

The rain hadn’t started when I dragged the trash can out to the road. Try that using a walker on a gravel driveway!

But, it began on the way in to work. It continued for most of the day. It wasn’t a hard rain, per se, just steady.

I debated about going out for lunch but, in the end, hunger won out. I just ran up to Time Out. I ordered one of the specials: a quarter-pound cheese burger and substituted the fries with chicken noodle soup. That was a mistake!

For the first time, Joe let me down. I blame it on the two-week shutdown. But somebody forgot to skim the stock or something. Because the soup was extremely greasy. I tried to eat it, but left most of it in the bowl. The burger, on the other hand, was perfect.

Back at work, around 2:00 p.m. we had yet another power outage! This time it was something at our Building 6 and there were downed power lines across the road.

I had immediately unplugged my computer. The power came back on in about five minutes, but I wasn’t fooled. Sure enough, it went down again. So, instead of the computer, I just read my paper copy of my Disaster Recovery Plan from 2014. I have been tasked to update it for 2015. I made notes and used sticky tags for pages I need to revisit.

After the power was on for about two hours, I turned the computer back on.

Courtney left at 4:00 p.m. She called me about 10 minutes later. She said there was a fire truck blocking the way to Levan off Commerce, so she came back and tried to drive down Plymouth Road. She said the traffic lights were all out.

So, I told Jeff and Fred (we all start out the same way) and when it was time to go we turned left onto Plymouth to Newburgh and took that to I-96. Crowded, but no real problems.

I got in trashcan, but this time I used the cane instead of the walker.

I changed clothes and then hung up a picture in the bedroom. I moved the little cross, but when I pulled out the nail, a big chunk of plaster with it. So, the picture is too high (to cover the plaster hole). Dammit!!!

Sidebar: When (or if) I ever repaint the room, I’ll fix it.

For dinner, I ate more macaroni salad, and had to add more mayo again. My elbow macaroni could be used as a sponge, I guess.

I watched an NCIS rerun and then went to bed. I thought… I slept maybe (maybe) an hour and then woke up. And couldn’t fall back asleep. I tried everything. I finally fell asleep just before 4:00 a.m.!!!

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