Monday, July 6, 2015

How my brother Carl saved my Fourth of July

(also known as, “What a long, strange trip it’s been…”)

I felt a little better on Sunday. So, I thought I’d better get down my rolling walker from the attic. I managed to get the ladder down and get up (it took a while). I ended up sitting on the attic floor with no way to stand up.

Unfortunately, the rolling walker was about halfway down the attic (sigh), so I slid on my butt to get to it.

I got it and used it to stand up. Then came the next problem: How to get it down without killing myself. I ultimately ended up tying three computer cables together (there’s a box of old computer stuff up there) and lowering it down.

Then I painfully (I was totally trashed by then) got myself down.

Sidebar: I have no idea what’s wrong, or who to turn to for help. I fear the second knee is worn out, but have no idea after this long of who replaced it, back in the day. I guess I could contact my family doctor, but she’s not an orthopedic surgeon.

So, using the walker, I made a cup of coffee, filled in the Blog and “rolled” into the day. I managed to get the Sunday morning chores done, ate some more Celebrex and then went back to bed.

Sidebar: This weekend, which I’d hoped would be so productive, was a total bust.

My daughter, Melissa, called around 10:00 a.m. to see how I was feeling (I had cancelled a kayaking trip, if you remember) and we talked for a while.

I checked my email and found a Blog comment from my brother Carl. He was sympathetic and said he had a similar problem and went to the doctor. They took some x-rays and said his knee was fine.

Then he wrote the five words that saved my holiday: “Macaroni salad is good too.” Of course!!! Why didn’t I think about that?

Inspired, I got downstairs and shaved and showered. Since I was that far, I went out on the patio in my bathrobe and picked some flat leaf parsley and thyme. I left that on the counter while I got dressed.

I rolled into the kitchen and put some water on to boil. Then I made a box of elbow macaroni. Note to self: half a box would have been more than enough. Use a recipe, next time.

I drained it, ran water over it to cool it down and put it in the fridge to chill.

I turned my walker around at the counter, locked the brakes, sat down and prepped the veggies. I diced the red pepper, a sweet onion and some celery. I cut three radishes into thin half-moons. Then I cut three hard-boiled eggs into big chunks. I chopped up the parsley and stripped the thyme.

Then I laid down for a while to rest my leg.

Back up around 3:00 p.m., I got the macaroni out. I put about half of it into other containers to use later. I mixed the rest with the veggies, eggs and herbs.

I made a simple dressing of mayonnaise, vinegar, a little sugar (for balance), prepared mustard and salt and pepper. I lightly dressed the salad and put it back in the fridge to chill and get happy.

The next problem was grilling. I couldn’t figure out how to get the charcoal outside and lit and then stand at the grill. But, the Fourth of July would not be denied!!!

So, I broiled the hot dogs in the oven. When they were done, I plated my dish.

I lost a lot of flavor but not grilling the dogs, but it was really good.

My kitchen was a wreck and smells like onion, but I was happy. I went and laid down for the rest of the evening.


  1. I'm glad Uncle Carl got you motivated to move around and cook yummy food!

  2. “I fear the second knee is worn out, but have no idea after this long of who replaced it, back in the day.”

    Your current general practitioner’s office can find out who took care of your first knee. Just call the office, let them know your situation, and they’ll hunt down the information for you. I used to do stuff like that for patients all the time. If that doesn’t pan out, I can dig out your old knee X-ray and tell you.

  3. Your Brother CarlJuly 6, 2015 at 9:19 AM

    I am so glad you finally paid attention to what I said.....
    Glad your feeling a "little" better.

  4. @ Carla: Uncle Carl always inspires me!
    @ Jyl: Thanks for the info.
    @ Brother Carl: I always pay attention to what you say. I just don't usually act on it...