Thursday, June 18, 2015

Wet Wednesday

It was overcast and humid Wednesday morning. It was supposed to rain later on and it felt like it.

Vicky asked me where I was going for lunch. I told her I hadn’t thought about it, but why? Did she want to go somewhere? She said no, she wanted to go to the gym but she had left her lunch on the counter at home and wondered if I would bring her back something. I said sure and asked what she wanted.

She said if I was going to the Newburgh Grill, she would take a small Greek salad with no beets or onions (she’s the only person I know who deconstructs a Greek salad).

So, I went to the Newburgh grill. Since I’d been there the last two days, I changed my order. I got two Coney’s and fries, for a change. I took a picture for Jake and Carla so they could see what they were missing!

Sidebar: A high of 102 degrees today in Columbia, S.C., with no Coney’s, Better Made Chips or McClure pickles? What were they thinking???

I gave my take out order to the waitress: a small Greek salad with no beets or onions. She said, “And chicken!” I told her I didn’t know about the chicken. She said, “This is for the girl who comes in with you sometimes?” I said yes. She said, “She wants the chicken!” I offered to send Vicky a text to confirm, but she said, “No, I give her the chicken!”

Sidebar: Since knowing my sister-in-law Betty, I have learned it is not worth the trouble of arguing with a Greek woman! They are worse than Puerto Ricans!!!

Back at work, I left the take-out on Vicky’s desk and went back to work.

It was raining when I left for home, which annoyed me. I wanted to clean out the gutters.

Sidebar: But, whenever I am annoyed by this rain, I reassure myself by thinking, “At least I’m not in Texas!”

I did get outside in a drizzle to take some pictures of the forest growing in the gutters.

I warmed up the last of the Manwich for my dinner.

I called my daughter Melissa and we chatted for a bit. After we hung up, I watched one taped show on TV and went to bed just after 9:00 p.m.


  1. You SOB dad! Please don't post pictures of coney's...I almost licked the joke! I did stare at it for about 2 minutes imagining the deliciousness! Also, don't you be hating on our weather. At least we don't have snow! XO