Thursday, June 11, 2015

Wednesday Washout...

I woke up after 8:00 a.m. on Wednesday. I sent a text to my boos and then started to get ready. That's when I noticed just how crippled up and tired I really was.

I sent anothe text to my boss, letting her know I was taking the day off. She was okay with that, too.

Here's where I wish I could say did some cool things. But I didn't. I mostly slept.

I took out some ground chuck from the freezer, but never made anything with it.I did get up and eat some Cheez-its.

I did take a picture of the musical instrument I bought in Ponce. I bought a Guiro (two dots over the "u") which is a hollowed out gourd, It's got strips cut into it and two holes for your fingers. You rub the metal prongs on the strips to make a grating sound. That sound reminds me of some Santana songs.

I first saw this in a photo of Yanessa, who as at a party and had one that was about as tall as she was. But, I bought a small on, figuring it would make the trip home better.

So, I took the photos and then went back to bed...


  1. See dad you should have taken Monday off! I'm always right :) Being apart of the CK, I know that sometimes you have to listen to your body!

  2. And that is one cool instrument. The next time you come and visit us I want a song!

  3. John, you are getting old aren't you!!!!!!!
    Feel Better

  4. Wait a second! How many boos do you have?

  5. @ Carla: Yes, you were right (you have no idea how hard it is to admit that - again)

    @ GPF; Yes, yes I am.

    @ Jake: Oh i have boos everywhere, LOL!